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PCS-1125W Manual crank height adjustable desk frame

PCS-1125W Manual crank height adjustable desk frame(图1)

Product description:
Sitting down for long periods of time has been linked to several health concerns, including but not limited to: increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol level, and excess body fat around the waist. Our solution is this PCS-1125W hand crank standing desk frame with tabletop. This crank standing desk allows you to easily transition from sitting to standing in mere seconds. Our desks encourage movement, which is key to maintaining healthy circulation, improving productivity, and relieving back pain. Using this height adjustable desk you will be able to switch from sitting to standing with ease.

PCS-1125W Features:

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION FOR LONG LASTING PERFORMANCES: This standing desk frame with tabletop is made from durable materials! We can guarantee that it will provide you great comfort upon using and facilitate your work to the fullest.

REMOVABLE CRANK FOR QUICK & SMOOTH ADJUSTMENTS: The crank can be used manually to achieve a smooth and quick adjustment in mere seconds. For your convenience this frame is equipped with a removable crank that can be removed and stored.

THE ULTIMATE HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESK: This desk frame has a maximum height of 44.3″ and minimum height of 28.5″. It is ideal for a standing office desk or a sitting at home table!

PCS-1125W Manual crank height adjustable desk frame(图2)

Telescopic Height Adjustment
The solidly constructed steel legs of PCS-1125W frame utilize telescopic height adjustment. This ensures that the transition to your ideal, ergonomic position takes place in a matter of seconds. Take less time away from your work flow to get your desk to a position which will improve it.

Crank System
An easy transition between sitting and standing is made possible by PCS-1125W frame. Elevate your workstation to your ideal position with the simple, low-effort crank system. The stable design of the frame ensures that the crank system will continue to function properly and efficiently no matter how extensive the use.

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