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When cervical spondylosis meet you, will you still sit comfortably?

After every holiday, everyone is very busy, the editor want to ask you: "Is your body still okay?"


According to statistics, the incidence of cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis in adults has reached 60%, and the incidence of office workers can be as high as 90%.


When cervical spondylosis meet you, will you still sit comfortably?(图1)

Nowadays, in the face of the trend of more and more younger lesions in the spine, the editor is inadvertently recruited. The editor of the three-year age of cervical spondylosis knows the pain of cervical spondylosis.


After a short National Day holiday, the editors could not adapt to the sitting work. At around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, there was a slight dizziness and vomiting. It was necessary to use the hand to poke the cervical vertebrae and beat the back. Move your head for a little comfort; sit for a while to get the job done.


So, here, the editor can't help but ask: "When cervical spondylosis is looking for you, will you still sit comfortably?" The answer should be yes, most people will be like this, because the heart is holding such a fluke: "Dizziness? Rest for a while, brush your mobile phone; fortunately, stop the work at hand for a while, anyway, do not go to the hospital, not to do surgery, back home sleep, just fine; if more serious, eat Just take the medicine."

When cervical spondylosis meet you, will you still sit comfortably?(图2)


The final the editor gave advice to all compatriots with cervical spondylosis:

keep warm;

Avoid sitting in front of the computer for a long time, often changing the working posture when working, using office furniture that can help you achieve the alternate station, like standing desk/table;

Do more exercise: yoga, walking, swimming, playing badminton and other ways to exercise the whole body;

Keep a good posture when watching TV (minimize the time to watch TV);

Brush your phone less (whether you brush or not, things are there).

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