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Pick Pengcheng PCES-1250W electric height adjustable standing desk frame

A healthier way to work by Pengcheng PCES-1250W electric height adjustable desk in your office.


Renew sit-to-stand Desk take healthful movement to a new level.

The popularity of sit-stand or 'active working' has also grown recently, with considerable amounts of published evidence to support standing and movement whilst at work. A height adjustable work station provides an excellent solution which enables the user to alternate between sitting and standing whenever appropriate.

So, we recommend staffs using standing desk in their office for healthier body.

Pick Pengcheng PCES-1250W electric height adjustable standing desk frame(图1)


The model of ergonomic electric height adjustable sit to stand up office desks, which height adjuster is controlled by four motors;

Such desks use power to make desk up and down more easily and fastly;

It's powered by linear actuators that lift the desk to the required height from 24.6"-49.2", which is available to sit and stand while working on computer;
 Pick Pengcheng PCES-1250W electric height adjustable standing desk frame(图2)

The actuators are available in a range of weight loading and can lift upwards of 120kg each desk in some cases.


Pick Pengcheng PCES-1250W electric height adjustable standing desk frame(图3)


Other Features:

Below is some details of Pengcheng PCES-1250W face to face electric height adjustable desk:

1. Collision avoidance system safeguards against accidents and injuries.

2. Four memory switch, four number buttons can memorize 4 different heights

4. Adjustable desk base is workable for different width of desktop by flexible desk frame.

5. The steel frame is fully pretreatment before powder coating, which is waterproof and rustproof enough.

6.General assembly with instruction will take you half an hour to finish.

So, why do you need Pengcheng PCES-1250W automatic height adjustable desk in your office.

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