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Pengcheng electric height adjustable desktop features

Most people are under-exercised, and physical activity is the key to helping to maintain good health. By using an Pengcheng Furniture electric height adjustable desk, you can start a way to incorporate more movement. Equipped with an electric height-adjustable table, you don't need to manually shake or lift to adjust the height of the table, you can use the same table whether you are sitting or standing at work.


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Electric adjustment. Electric adjustable tables are easier to raise and lower than hydraulic or hand crank models. To adjust the height, just press the up or down button. The electric standing table also rises more smoothly than the manual option, so you don't have to worry about items on the table falling off when you adjust the height.


Anti-collision function. When the height-adjustable table is in motion, whether it is raised or lowered, it collides with objects in the path, such as window sills or cabinets. The electric standing desk with anti-collision can stop moving when something is felt on the desk - this is very useful for those who have children or pets entering the work area.


Pengcheng electric height adjustable desktop features(图2)

Memory preset options. The Pengcheng furniture PCES-1250 has a control panel with four memory presets. You raise or lower the desktop to the height that suits you and program the preset buttons for that height. When you want to adjust the height of the desktop, press the preset button you configured and the desktop will automatically adjust to that position.


beam. Attaching the legs to the crossbar in the middle of the table frame provides optimum stability, reducing swing and wobble.


Two motors. An electrically adjustable table with a single motor is faster and slower than the electrically variable noise of each leg motor. A single motor adjustable table can also have a lower weight limit.

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