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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a steel office

    Advantage 1, steel office furniture green environmental protection. Steel furniture from production to recycling basically does not produce waste. Nowadays, the technology of recycling and recycling of steel in industrial water is very mature, so it is easier to recycle steel furniture.


    In terms of processing, steel is very flexible and has the stiffness that meets our needs. Therefore, the structure of the steel office furniture is diversified and easy to meet the needs of customers.


    Advantages: the steel office furniture is durable and wear-resistant, it will not burn, and good processing technology can prevent corrosion. "No one is perfect." The steel office furniture also has the insufficient side.


    Defect one, the texture is cold hard.


    Disadvantages 2. Office noise is too loud, affecting the environment.


    Office furniture part involves sitting - office chairs, with part of the desk and filing cabinets From the material can be divided into plate just system office furniture, office furniture, metal furniture, software, office furniture, etc.; From the use function main points: desk, office chair, office screen, sofa, tea table, file cabinet, bookcase. Class table series: looking at the breath of self-centered, to perfect design to a new high, of the name of one of the powerful features of large platform characteristic of the arc side involved in the management of a harried showed a broad horizon, spacious, stretch, adjust measures to local conditions, select material collocation is rigorous, self personality, fashion sense, integrated into the life and work. The same color file cabinet is concerned with the harmonious aesthetic feeling, meeting the strict requirements of the decision maker. Conference table series: the large conference table is an important tool for making important decisions and communication and coordination between enterprises, as well as the culture and image of the company. With a wide range of large conference table combinations to meet the needs of the enterprise in style, size, color, material and image, you are leading in a competitive business society.

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