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Things to Consider when buying your Desk:

Use: Consider paperwork versus computer work? Storage needs - drawers versus cupboards? How much work area is actually needed and will you be able to reach it?


Size: Does it fit the room? Can you access the desk and other parts of the room? Is it a comfortable height (small adjustments can be made - but only small changes)? Kneehole height and width? Check the depth of the desk so that the work surface can actually be reached?


Practical Matters: Access for installation - most desks are made in three pieces (two pedestals and a top) but a one piece desk or table may require need the access into the room itself to be checked (remember to check the stairs if it is going above the ground floor). Most professional furniture movers such as those employed by can manoeuvre large piece of office furniture but sometimes it just doesn't fit!


Desks versus Writing Tables and Library Tables: Writing and Library Tables come in much the same sizes as Desks, however the key difference being that the tables usually only have a single line of frieze drawers under the work surface. (Writing tables have drawers on one side of the table only - library tables have drawers to both sides - sometimes called Partners' tables). Tables can provide an interesting alternative to a desk if only limited storage is required. Aesthetically a table can make the room look larger since more of the floor can be seen as compared to the bulk of a desk that comes right down to the floor. For buyers with attractive floor coverings (or bare wood) a writing or library table can be a very interesting alternative to a desk. Some Clients also specify both Desk and Writing Table/Library Table for their office. The table can be used as an extra work space (perhaps separating paperwork from computer work - or as a meeting table. The style and wood of desk and table will need to be compatible and the leather work surfaces (where fitted) will also need to be matched.

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