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Improve Your Room's Ambiance With a White Chest of Drawers

The interior design of your living space speaks volumes of your personality before you even utter a word. Decorating and interior designing serves as an artistic avenue to express oneself through the choice and combination of colours, type of office furniture and theme of the room. When designing your individual rooms it is important to consider the design and style but also provide practical storage elements such as cupboards and chests. By combining the two you make your life a lot easier, therefore whether your room has a classical Victorian mood or modern vibe, a white chest of drawers will seamlessly blend and lend an additional aesthetic appeal to your personal space. White chests combine both functionality and style, with a French style white chest you will be able to add a touch of elegance and character to your room.


A white dresser or chest is not only suitable to your bedroom but also to other parts of the house, such as living room, family room, kitchen, bathroom and hallways. White painted chests can feature a classic design which stands out against a dark or black background and depicts cleanliness, freshness, and elegance against a the darker background of the room.


Gloss white chest of drawers give elegance and a contemporary personality to your room. Additionally it can be used to store your t-shirts, underwear, sweater and socks. You can also put artwork, pictures or ornaments on top of it. Indeed it can function both as a room adornment and storage place. It can instantly transform your typical bedroom into a chic, modern and elegant room. If you have a white theme, then a gloss style is ideal to complete the clean look of your room. It is not uncommon to mistakenly assume that a white gloss chest is only suitable for a certain type, theme and colour of room. Whether you have a modern or an eclectic bedroom, a glossed or white painted chest of drawers instantly guarantees to boost the appeal of your room.


This furniture can also adorn the room of your young ones. It can serve perfectly as a storage place for toys and clothes. Rather than inhibiting the tendency of your little ones to scribble or draw, you can encourage them to personalize their own white chest of drawers by freely allowing them to paint, draw or scribble on these drawers. It is advisable to purchase a cheap chest or dresser for this purpose however.

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