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PCS-1140 Square Tube Front Manual Crank Height Adjustable Desk - Black

 Pengcheng height adjustable desk

Product description

The PCS-1140 manual crank height adjustable desk is the perfect desk to provide you with a standing desk station, allowing you to find that much needed healthy balance of sitting and standing throughout the long work day. Poor posture puts an unnecessary and unhealthy strain on your back and neck, but now you can elevate your workstation to an ergonomic viewing angle. Additionally, standing throughout the day keeps the blood flowing and helps you stay awake and alert.

PCS-1140 Features:

* Reduce stress or pain of back and neck, increase physical activities and keep your health to increase productivity;
* Pull out the crank handle to adjust the desk height, and push in it under the desktop after reaching your desired height; 
* Lifting speed is about 0.2" / turn; From the lowest to highest, it's about 80 turns; 
* Adjustable feet can adjust 1-1.5 cm lengths, made the table keep stable even on uneven floor; 
* Desktop is made of 1" thickness eco-friendly MDF, waterproof and anti scratch; 
* Embedded nuts used at the bottom of desktop to make the desktop can be used again after dis-assembly; 
* Assembly required: Estimated assembly time is about 40 minutes.

Telescopic Height Adjustment
The solidly constructed steel legs of PCS-1140 utilize telescopic height adjustment. This ensures that the transition to your ideal, ergonomic position takes place in a matter of seconds. Take less time away from your work flow to get your desk to a position which will improve it.
Crank System
An easy transition between sitting and standing is made possible by PCS-1140. Elevate your workstation to your ideal position with the simple, low-effort crank system. The stable design of the frame ensures that the crank system will continue to function properly and efficiently no matter how extensive the height adjustable desk

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