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    Address : South part of Cuiqiao industrial Zone of Henglin Town, east of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China



    Using Pengcheng height adjustable sit stand desk in your workplace.

      The desk is the place to work and create, so it's important, it's built on norms.

      More hands-on.We can choose the right standing desk for us.When the available options are not enough,  Pengcheng is happy to work with you to create the customized highly adjustable desk you need.

      Remodel your existing sedentary desk, or even your entire office, with our height adjustable desks.A simple pneumatic adjustment that seamlessly connects your monitor and keyboard to your preferred sitting and standing position.They are ideal for a desk with a fixed height and cubicle, and can be personalized with height adjustments without having to start from scratch.

    Pengcheng ergonomic height adjustable desk

      For a more active workspace:

      Keep active at work or your home office with our range of standing desks. With our electric height adjustable desks you can raise and lower your desk by the simple touch of a button. That helps you to change working positions often and keeps your body active. Also take a look at our sit stand desk which can be easily adjusted with a crank handle.

    Pengcheng office furniture standing desk

      The position for sitting or standing on our desk range. Watch a video of the Pengcheng electric sit stand desk in action, or see our entire series of Pengcheng office furniture.

    Pengcheng electric height adjustable desks