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    Pengcheng height adjustable drawing table, open box inspection in the factory.

    Before the products are delivered to customers, Pengcheng staffs conducted several rounds of strict inspection of each batch of goods. For Pengcheng all office furniture, our staff conducted follow-up inspection from the first process to the completion of delivery. Ensure that each batch of our products is delivered to customers intact.


    Today, show you the unpacking detection of Pengcheng height adjustable drawing table.


    1. Open the package;


    ergonomic height adjustable desk

    2. In the top of the package is the desktop of the height adjustable drafting table;


    ergonomic standing painting desk

    3. Remove the panel.

        There are some main parts and installation instructions of the drawing table;


    Standing Desk Adjustable Height

    4. Take out all parts and panels for installation;


    office furniture standing desk adjustable drawing table

    5. Install according to the instructions, and the installation process can be completed within 10 minutes;


    office desk standing adjustable drawing table

    6. After the installation, adjust the height of the desk to see if it is consistent with the predetermined minimum height and maximum height;


    standing painting desk for sale


    7. All the tests are qualified, take the detail photos of the height adjustable desks;


    Pengcheng adjustable height work table

    8.Disassembly and repack the product;


    9. The product is confirmed without error and waiting for delivery. You only need to wait for the goods to be delivered to your door patiently.

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