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    Pengcheng furniture takes you to learn a brief history of Ergonomics

    Ergonomics.The term conjures up images of office chairs, sleek split-screen keyboards and even Pengcheng height adjustable desks, but the concept is not just in the workplace but in the changing national landscape, including the military.Did you know that "human factors," including the integrated branch of science of Ergonomics, involve far more than the products in your office?


    brief history of Ergonomics

    But at the end of the day, ergonomics is about comfort and finding the ideal balance between it and support.You can thank your chair, but ergonomics didn't start there.


    Pengcheng ergonomic height adjustable standing desks

    Ergonomics: a new need

    Early ergonomic studies focused on increasing productivity while taking into account the human body's natural abilities, but it wasn't until the U.S. military saw the benefits of ergonomics for soldiers that it gained widespread attention.With advances in research and science, and with the approach of the first world war, increased productivity became a national necessity.Fast forward to world war ii;Experimental psychologists studying the causes of expensive wartime plane crashes have made an eye-opening discovery: most accidents are caused by poor design and/or the limitations of the human body.


    The beginning of a new era

    The 1960s brought the first wave of primitive computers, and these early students and ergonomic engineers quickly incorporated these new technologies into their systems for improving workflow.By 2000, computers had rapidly become the fixture of most American homes, leading to more people relying on sitting at their desks for work and entertainment.This brings us to today's era of ergonomics.


    Make work safer and healthier than ever before

    Modern ergonomics is about safety, quality and productivity;Product developers and ergonomists are pushing the limits of design, creating tools that give users more freedom to adjust their environments to suit their bodies so they can do better.When you think of ergonomic products, you might think of a boring office chair.On closer inspection, however, you may see a number of chair adjustment features, these small knobs, levers and flexible parts that allow users to control their comfort.Most ergonomic seats take years to design, but the end result is worth it.Now, you'll see plenty of products like standing desks, monitoring arms, keyboard trays, and, of course, office chairs, all designed to help you work better and more comfortably.