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Pengcheng Easy Assembled Height Adjustable Desk.

Height adjustable standing desks are designed to keep workers healthy and more productive while at work. Offering sit to stand experience, an adjustable standing desk can be adjusted to suit the user’s individual proportions and prefered working position experience. If you’re searching for easy assembled tables that can be moved up and down, look no further than our Pengcheng easy assembled height adjustable desks.


Pengcheng Easy Assembled Height Adjustable Desk.(图1)


1. The height adjustable desks make work comfortable;it is easy to adjust the height and desktop;

2. 13 different height adjustable stations from sitting to standing position;

3. 3 platforms: top monitor shelf, slightly lower key board shelf and base shelf for PC tower, printer, speakers, etc;

4. Easily move the mobile desk with 4 casters ( 2 casters with brake function );

5. Weight capacity up to 45KG;

6. The important is that if you not have enough money, this desk is your good choice.

Pengcheng Easy Assembled Height Adjustable Desk.(图2)


It not only save money, but also can meet your needs for sitting or standing during work.

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