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Alvin Drafting Table - Better Than the Most

These people, such as architects and engineers, use them to create blueprints of their work or for reading large sized books and drawings. It looks like any other ordinary table but its top is adjustable according to the needs of the worker. It is rapidly becoming popular among painters as well. Prior to the industrial revolution, it was an important part of a gentleman's library.


Although an Alvin drafting table may look like any other ordinary table but the truth is that it is not. Its distinction is that its top board can be angled according to different positions. It can be extended according to the sketching needs and the angle of top board is also adjustable according to the needs of your work. There is a lip that is usually on the top of the desk and that prevents your work from sliding off the desk when the angle of desk is changed.


When selecting a drafting board for yourself, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The first thing that you ask yourself is whether you need your drafting table for a longer period of time or a shorter period of time. Mostly professionals want to buy a long term table that does not wear off quickly because they do not want to change their table very often. They want a table that can work for them at least for five years. If you have plans to upgrade your chair for a better model in a couple of years then go for a short term table.


Pengcheng Foldable tables are the best if you intend to buy a table for a shorter period. Their advantage is that, when folded they take a very little space as the legs fold in to the desk. They are robust and durable in use. Negative aspect of the foldable drafting tables can be their limited extensions. They have limited adjustable tops, hence not providing different angles to work freely.


More variety is available if you go for a long term table. One can buy foldable table with more adjustable extensions than the short term tables and then one has the choice of four post tables that have stationary legs, however with no folding option. The advantages of four post tables are: they are the strongest designs, available in many sizes and some of them have drawers as well, but they tend to be much heavier and require a lot of space.

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