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Pengcheng furniture teaches you how to choose the suitable office furniture?

First of all, we need to understand the types of office furniture:

Office furniture includes: desk, chair, sofa, screen, tea table, cabinet, workbench, large class table, etc.

It is distributed in offices, conference rooms, libraries, training rooms, laboratories, enterprise rest areas, staff dormitories and canteens.

Pengcheng furniture teaches you how to choose the suitable office furniture?(图1)


The importance of office furniture:

1. Improve the overall perception and visual effect of the enterprise;

2. Provide employees with comfortable and pleasant office life;

Meet the daily work needs of the enterprise.

4. Give visitors a comfortable experience;

All of the to follow

The Practical principle: practicality is more important than aesthetics, so you can 't choose fancy office furniture.

Cost control principle: there are many kinds of furniture in the market.

Comfort principle:Comfort is directly related to the work efficiency of employees, working 8 hours a day (or more), choosing comfortable office furniture can give employees a pleasant office life.Therefore,I will not find work boring, but feel happy.

Overall coordination principle: with the enterprise Overall decoration, color, collocation style;

Flexible and work principle:The combined office furniture must be able to be assembled and disassembled at will. It should be considered for the expansion and relocation of enterprises in the future.
   Pengcheng furniture teaches you how to choose the suitable office furniture?(图2)

We tend to overlook that good custom standing desk should be "people-oriented", considering the actual needs of employees:

Office area:

The height of The desk can be adjusted to suit The needs of employees to stand both ways.

The office chair can be lifted and turned, which is suitable for The height of different employees and The communication between employees at any time.

Leisure area:

Meet the daily needs of employees: refrigerators, water dispensers, microwave ovens, etc.

Guest area:

Conference room: the style and quantity of Conference table and office chair should be taken into account the actual needs of the.

Reception room: relatively relaxed and lively, so as to give visitors a relaxed and happy visiting experience;

Rest area: the company can choose whether to set the Rest area according to its own needs.

From the perspective of pure office, it is necessary to consider ergonomics (the design related to human structure) as the high-quality office furniture.

In this way, our employees, while doing a good job and ensuring high efficiency, have a healthy body and can develop with the enterprise In the long run.

Pengcheng furniture always upholds that reasonable ergonomic furniture design can effectively improve the work efficiency of employees and protect the user's body.Thus fundamentally giving employees a healthy body and a comfortable and happy office life.

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